DZ Deathrays


Hey, here is a band you aren’t listening to even though you should.  Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley are DZ Deathrays and they are young and loud and angry about something (probably a lot of things).  The next time you want to turn your nice quiet get together into a a PCU style house party, throw this guy on.


Royal Thunder – Parsonz Curse

Hey you indie sissies.  Its about time a band came along to deliver to you a swift kick in the hindquarters.  Royal Thunder may just be that band.  Shield your ears and your souls.

Daughn Gibson – Tiffany Lou

Daughn Gibson has released one of the first great albums I have heard this year and it doesn’t make much sense.  His previous group, Pearls and Brass, was all about stoner metal wallop but his solo debut, All Hell, is a much more controlled affair  Gibson’s music is sample heavy but he’s not ripping 70’s funk riffs but recycling dusty country tracks.  It doesn’t make sense until you hear it.  So……hear it.  “Tiffany Lou” is one of the many standout tracks off of the album.


Hudson – Against the Grain

Creative people are the best.  Jonathan Chong is creative and a little nutty.  He made a stop motion video for the song “Against the Grain” for the Australian group Hudson using 920 pencils and 5,125 frames of footage.  I can’t really explain it.  Just take a look.

That is just amazing, especially considering the fact that the man did the whole thing himself.  Most people just aren’t that patient.  Twenty minutes in I would have buried one of those pencils in my eye out of sheer frustration.  Your’e a special one Mr. Chong.  Here’s a little snippet of some of the behind the scenes action from the making of the video (in stop motion of course).


Gambino v Drake

Ok, just a couple of things.  First, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Troy Barnes is becoming one of the most talented entertainers around.  The guy has always been funny.  He wrote for 30 Rock, plays one of the funniest characters on TV, and was a pretty decent rapper.  Now, judging from this performance the other night on Conan he is now more than just a decent rapper.  He’s a performer.

Glover has been spitting out mixtapes under the Gambino name for a few years now.  All of them full of dexterous wordplay and killer one liners (the man is a comedy writer after all).  Now his first official release, Camp, is a few days old and its becoming more and more clear that this hip hop thing is no joke.  He just keeps getting better and better.

Alright, point number two. There is another music blog that I frequent called Pigeons and Planes. Its a hip hop and indie rock site but it definitely leaning toward the former.  The last few days there seems to be a bit of a war brewing in the comments section between fans of Childish Gambino and Drake.  I am perplexed because, other than both having albums released on the same day (Drake’s Take Care on Young Money and Glover’s Camp on indie Glassnote), I don’t see what the two have in common.  They seem to be part of two separate worlds, one awful (Drake) and one not awful (Gambino).

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Peaking Lights – Marshmallow Yellow (Main Attraktionz Remix)

Peaking Lights are compiling a remix EP of songs off of their mostly (unjustly) ignored album 936.    This is my favorite track so far.  As if Peaking Lights weren’t dubby enough, they throw Main Attraktionz on top and I can almost see smoke rising from my speakers. Check out for streaming tracks from the Wisconsin duo.

Peaking Lights

(via  Gorilla vs Bear)

Summer Camp – You Might Get Stuck On Me

Summer Camp is becoming one of my new favorite bands, not because the music is all that great but they keep coming up with creative music videos.  This latest one is the most pastel thing I have ever seen.

You Might Get Stuck on Me – Summer Camp from Mico on Vimeo.

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New Stuff: Tennis – Origins

Husband and wife duo Tennis are looking to follow up their excellent debut Cape Dory and “Origins” is a good start.  Its going to be released as a single on Forrest Family records and will eventually end up on their upcoming full length, Young and Old, produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney for Fat Possum.

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