You Need This Tape

Trackstar the DJ

Soon El-P, Killer Mike, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, and Despot are heading out on tour together.  The “Into the Wild Tour” will be different from your typical hip hop mega tour in the sense that it will not be terrible.  It will, in fact, be the opposite of terrible.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of “The Best Thing Ever” and “Oh, I Just Shit Myself!”  In celebration of this momentous event they are releasing a free mixtape, hosted by Trackstar the DJ, that will serve as sort of a tour appetizer.  Get it here

(via Pigeons and Planes)


This Video Is Covered In Awesome

One thing I do love about hip hop is the seemingly constant opportunity for collaboration.  If you took the Arcade Fire and mixed them together with Queens of the Stone Age all you would get would be a horrible mess, but rappers, whose styles can seem completely different, can become united inside of the right beat.  Good rappers also tend to collaborate with other good rappers.  No one decent is standing in line to get in on the next Pitbull track.

That brings us to this NSFW-ish video from — now stay with me — Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.  Yes, that is the man’s stage name and although it is god-awful he is a big part, along with folks like ASAP Rocky and Das Racist, of what is making New York rap relevant again.  This is the remix of the track “Huzzah” off of his Lost in Translation mixtape and it features (see great artists connect with great artists) El-P, Das Racist, and Danny Brown.  Forget hooks, forget the club.  This is filthy, dirty, grimy hip hop at its finest.

(via Pigeons and Planes)