Summer movies … without explosions!

I know, I know … you’re thinking “I just saw Battleship and That’s My Boy! and Dark Shadows in an awesome movie marathon… how can summer movies get any better!?!?”

Well, they can. And please leave.

Every summer there’s always a little indie gem that shakes up audiences and reminds them not every summer movie has to involve Michael Bay-like explosions. I haven’t posted in two months, but really enjoyed “Safety Not Guaranteed.” It was a perfect escape this afternoon from a 105-degree day on the East coast.

“Safety Not Guaranteed” is a quirky indie dramedy about journalism, love, loss, and time travel. It’s not for everyone, but sufficiently offbeat to enchant those who love films that win awards at festivals and just mainstream enough to win over general audiences. Are there some plot holes involving time travel, spies, and potential lies about the past? Sure, but none so big that a Prometheus-sized ship could pass through them. It’s a smart, surprisingly sentimental, occasionally hilarious, well-acted, intelligently-written film to check out in the month between seeing “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Check out the trailer (it’s only in limited release nationwide right now):