DZ Deathrays


Hey, here is a band you aren’t listening to even though you should.  Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley are DZ Deathrays and they are young and loud and angry about something (probably a lot of things).  The next time you want to turn your nice quiet get together into a a PCU style house party, throw this guy on.


Royal Thunder – Parsonz Curse

Hey you indie sissies.  Its about time a band came along to deliver to you a swift kick in the hindquarters.  Royal Thunder may just be that band.  Shield your ears and your souls.

Weekend Playlist: 16 Jun 2012

These are some of my people. Guess which one is the worst.

Video Extra:  Every other singer should just quit while Lee Fields is around.

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Beef Watch: Common v Drake

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Alriggghhhttt!  It has been so long since we have had a real life hip hop hatefest.  Yes, fans are great at letting an artist know when they are being terrible (i.e. Waka Flacka Flame every goddamn minute of the day.  Did you know he has a new video out called “Rooster in My Rari” starring a 6ft tall rooster?  God in heaven!.) but when is the last time we had a good diss track?  Ok, maybe this happens all the time but they are always entertaining.

This newest duel seems to be a little one sided.  In the red corner is Common, one of the most respected figures on scene and one of the few who was around when the diss track was a common weapon in the hip hoppers arsenal.  Over in this corner, which is a pale lavender that has been gently brushed with tears, is Drake.  Young, naive, former Canadian child star, Drake.  I have tried my best to make it crystal clear how unabashedly mediocre he is but, alas, the people do not seem to hear me so I guess I am going to have to let Common take him down for me.

After you listen to the two tracks (Drake’s shot and Common’s reply, which is over the same goddamn track) I feel like the winner is obvious, after round one anyway.  Their approaches are very different.  Drake beats around the bush a bit.  His disses are vague and tentative.  A scared kid hiding behind a wall of manufactured braggadocio and Rick Ross’ homeless beard.  I’m guessing when he sees how overmatched he is he will claim that he wasn’t talking about Common at all.

Common, on the other hand, is straight to the point.  The man is nothing if not confident and he seems very comfortable in this role.  Its like a dad scolding his kid.  His best line:   “Make no mistake.  I’m talkin’ about Drake.”  This is a man.  I can’t wait for the response.

By the way, I have no idea what this is about.  Its probably over something really important.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Don’t Think. Just Listen. King Louie.

I just ate dinner and I am tired so I don’t feel like delving too deep in to this one.  That is ok because there isn’t much of anything below the surface of King Louie’s first Epic track.  Louie is first of the newest crop of Chicago rappers to “hit the big time,” along with Chief Keef who you might know from his impossibly humorless track “I Don’t Like” but you probably know because his producer through a hissy fit when Kanye remixed his shitty song.  Here is the link to the original, but don’t listen to it.  It’s terrible.

“Val Venis” is what it’s called and just to get the mystery out of the way, yes this is a reference to the wrestler, Sean Sorely aka Val Venis aka just another creepy wrestler persona (he came out in just a towel), and no I have no idea what this has to do with the song.  Although, it may have something to do with these unconfirmed reports of some kind of signature dance to go along with it.  I’ll keep you posted.  Anyway, this is the track and its mindless but dammit its catchy and I have been listening to it all day.  Don’t think about it, just bump it in your whip while you are driving slow through your neighborhood pretending people are impressed by how loud your music is.

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UPDATE:  Yes, it is a dance.  You’re welcome ladies.


Daughn Gibson – Tiffany Lou

Daughn Gibson has released one of the first great albums I have heard this year and it doesn’t make much sense.  His previous group, Pearls and Brass, was all about stoner metal wallop but his solo debut, All Hell, is a much more controlled affair  Gibson’s music is sample heavy but he’s not ripping 70’s funk riffs but recycling dusty country tracks.  It doesn’t make sense until you hear it.  So……hear it.  “Tiffany Lou” is one of the many standout tracks off of the album.