Kanye Has Made Another Great Video; Is Still A Douche

Few artists baffle me like Kanye West.  As a human being he just seems like he would be awful to be around but dammit, he knows how to work a goddamn beat!  I hate the man but he keeps putting out great stuff.  He’s like an abusive boyfriend.  No matter how many times he hits me over the head with his terrible personality I keep coming back to him and now he has done it again.

You have probably all heard this track by now and to be fair, the song (i.e. words, lyrics) are not anything special but that beat is a monster.  Now there is a video for the track featuring Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz and, don’t get me wrong, I think its great.  It is shot very simplisticly and very stylishly and I should have never watched it.  Now, every time I hear this song from now on I am going to see his douchey mug limping through my brain.  He is just the worst.  All day long.

Side Note:  A white guy with a rat tail made this beat.  He calls himself Lifted and I think I might hate him, too.

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