Don’t Think. Just Listen. King Louie.

I just ate dinner and I am tired so I don’t feel like delving too deep in to this one.  That is ok because there isn’t much of anything below the surface of King Louie’s first Epic track.  Louie is first of the newest crop of Chicago rappers to “hit the big time,” along with Chief Keef who you might know from his impossibly humorless track “I Don’t Like” but you probably know because his producer through a hissy fit when Kanye remixed his shitty song.  Here is the link to the original, but don’t listen to it.  It’s terrible.

“Val Venis” is what it’s called and just to get the mystery out of the way, yes this is a reference to the wrestler, Sean Sorely aka Val Venis aka just another creepy wrestler persona (he came out in just a towel), and no I have no idea what this has to do with the song.  Although, it may have something to do with these unconfirmed reports of some kind of signature dance to go along with it.  I’ll keep you posted.  Anyway, this is the track and its mindless but dammit its catchy and I have been listening to it all day.  Don’t think about it, just bump it in your whip while you are driving slow through your neighborhood pretending people are impressed by how loud your music is.

(via Pitchfork)

UPDATE:  Yes, it is a dance.  You’re welcome ladies.



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