Things I Missed This Year: Is Tropical – The Greeks

Even though I do enjoy end of the year “best of” lists but you aren’t going to see any on this site because I simply don’t have the time or the energy.  What I will do is let you in on some of the cool songs, videos, remixes, etc that I missed over the course of the year. This is my “Things I Missed This Year” series.  Pretty intuitive right?

The first installment features the video for English electro group Is Tropical’s track “The Greeks.”  I can’t believe this video flew under my radar and I am very disappointed in myself.  This might be the most provocative (and most effed up) video of the year.  It follows a group of pre-teens playing the most intense game of cops and robbers you have ever seen, complete with gangland hits and drug deals gone wrong.  All the guns are of the plastic or Nerf variety but what makes this different is we get to take a peak and what might be happening inside these kid’s heads.

(via Consequence of Sound)


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