Hiatus Over!

Ok, I know I took a few extra holiday days but it was worth it.  For me, I mean.  I know your lives were bitter and empty without me but I’m back now.  You’re welcome.

Now that I am back we have a lot of ground to make up.  Prepare for the TER course entitled “What You Missed These Last Couple of Days While I Was Filling My Face With Turkey and Booze.”  Ready……..begin!

1. ASAP Rocky makes his directing debut for this new Danny Brown clip.  Cover your eyes and plug your nose.

2.  Chairlift – Met Before:  Now cut down to a  duo Chairlift releases their biggest sounding track to date.

3.  Das Racist perform “Michael Jackson” and resurrect Michael Jackson on Conan.

4. Black Star – Fix Up:  Mos Def and Talib Kweli are back together for an Aretha Franklin inspired mixtape (out soon).

5.  For some reason Stephen Colbert hosted Malian group Tinariwen.  It was as great as it was odd.

6.  The Internet – Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix):  Odd Future offshoot get a badass remix courtesy of Swedish up and comers Little Dragon.

7.  Bleached – Electric Chair:  Hooky punk will never die.

8.  Girl Talk’s latest, All Day, is now the soundtrack to film that is going to be released one segment at a time over at Gothamist.  What kind of film you ask?  Well, what is best reason to listen to Girl Talk?  Dancing!  You are so smart!  The 75 min film, created by Wild Combination, follows three dancers as they dance around the city.  Above is the first segment.


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