Crazy movie lawsuits

Crazy movie lawsuits! No, I’m not talking about crazy lawsuits in movies (despite “The Dark Knight” being brilliant, the scene where they arraign every single member of the criminal organization in one “How do you plead?” moment made me laugh). Instead, I’m talking about two insane recent lawsuits ABOUT movies.

Case one: Spain isn’t very permissive of safe sex (Catholic Church 4EVA!), but safe driving? That’s a serious issue! The studio behind “Larry Crowne” (Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts’ failed attempt to be relevant again) was fined for the movie poster, which has Hanks and Roberts riding a moped without helmets. There’s a law penalizing anyone who promotes unsafe driving practices. Guess they should have done something safe, like went running with the bulls.

Case two: “Drive” was a well-made film, with intelligent direction and cinematography that harkened back to the 1970s. It, however, was not “Fast and the Furious” or “The Transporter” and Ryan Gosling rarely says a word in the entire film despite being its lead. To know that, you could (a) read any review or (b) ask someone who saw it. Or you could get angry and sue. Yes, a Michigan woman decided to sue the makers of “Drive” because “there is very little driving in the motion picture.” (I’m guessing her lawyer is old because who uses “motion picture” anymore?) Not only does she want her money back, she wants to start a class action lawsuit against misleading film trailers. Well, if that’s true, I want in: “Pearl Harbor” has easily one of the five best trailers of all time and that movie was an awful threesome (of the boring variety). I know one of you strongly agrees (please comment!)


One thought on “Crazy movie lawsuits

  1. Ah, “Pearl Harbor.” It is called selling the “sizzle” and not the steak. Their are great trailer houses that are paid to do exactly that. It is sad to say just how often a movie will sell (or has to sell) based on sizzle alone. In fact, there is probably a whole movie worth of material about stuff like that….or at least enough for a trailer 😉

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