Monday Morning @ the Movies … done?

Of course, right after I decide to end the “Monday Morning @ the Movies” weekly feature due to low readership (compared to other posts), I get emails asking where it is today.

If you want it back, just let me know. I’m very accomodating to loyal readers. That being said, if you want a particular post on ANYTHING movie or TV related, write a comment on one of the posts. If you want posts on music, you’ll have to negotiate with BK.

Stay tuned for the November Sweeps TV Discussion coming soon, which will involve discussions on the recent bad news for “Community” and “Cougar Town” and predictions on which of your favorite shows will be dead by May.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning @ the Movies … done?

  1. “Home for the Holidays”. Which movies to watch back home while trying to avoid your family.

    Best Female/Male leads for a Television holiday movie. Great opportunity to talk about Goldberg reprising his role in “Santa Slayer”

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