Middle Age Metal: Sabbath Is Back

Unless you are living under a rock (or maybe have a real life) then you know that Black Sabbath have announced that they have reunited.  If you are one of the few people who are excited by this news, and you are American, prepare to be bummed.  It looks like the band is going to be in Europe for the foreseeable future.  I’ve posted tour dates below, in case you are so desperate to see a barely conscious old man shuffle around for an hour that you would be willing to fly to Bergen, Norway.

I, for one, could care less.  It’s not that I don’t think they can still play, Tony Iommi’s style has never been as much about dexterity as it is about tone, I just don’t think I can take Ozzy seriously.  Back in Sabbath’s heyday he was a fiery, demon god hellbent on corrupting the youth of the world, or so I have heard.  But ever since he let cameras follow him around for three years I got to see what he really was:  an old, boring (seemingly half retarded) family man.  That is about as decidedly unmetal as you can get.

It is important to me that a song feels genuine.  By that I mean the artist is singing an honest interpretation of his/her feelings.  How can I take Ozzy seriously as he is singing, “Satan’s coming ’round the bend/People running ’cause they’re scared/The people better go and beware,” after I have seen him struggle pathetically to scoot a chair up to the table. The image is ruined for me.  Instead, I will remember Ozzy in his proper environment, when he was young and full of drugs.

Black Sabbath 2012 Tour Dates:
05/18 – Moscow, RU @  Olimpiski
05/20 – St. Petersburg, RU @ New Arena
05/23 – Helsinki, FI @ Hartwall Arena
05/25 – Stockholm, SE @ Stadium
05/29 – Bergen, NO @ Bergen Calling
05/31 – Oslo, NO @ Spektrum
06/02 – Malmo, SE @ Malmo Stadium
06/04 – Dortmund, DE @ Westfalenhalle
06/10 – Leicestershire, UK @ Download Festival
06/12 – Rotterdam, NL @ Ahoy
06/15 – Bilbao, ES @ Azkena Rock
06/17 – Nantes, FR @ Hellfest
06/19 – Paris, FR @ Bercy
06/22 – Dessel, BE @ Graspop Metal Meeting
06/24 – Milan, IT @ Gods of Metal


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