Grimm Times for NBC

Is anyone watching the new NBC drama “Grimm”? It’s NBC, so if four of you raise your hands, it would probably make a second season.

I saw the pilot episode on DVR a few weeks ago and it couldn’t keep my interest — part “Law & Order”, part dark fairy tale drama — a generally mediocre show. While “Once Upon A Time” is far from perfect, “Once Upon a Time” is more consistent and more entertaining  and is guaranteed a second season.

Whether you would like “Grimm” probably depends on how you emotionally react to the plot of last week’s episode, which I didn’t see:

“A serial rapist goat creature pheromonally seduced women and held them in cages for breeding purposes.”

… so, how’s that going for you? Intrigued? If so, when you’re done seeing your psychologist, let me know how it was. I do enjoy the SyFy channel as a guilty pleasure.

Plot summary quote VIA Obsidian Wings


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