Arrested Development’s Return: An Update

Remember Netflix, that DVD sending, movie streaming Web site that decided to mess with all of its members until hilarity ensured?

Yeah, well, it’s done pissing off its fan base, especially after 800,000 subscribers left in the snafu. Yes, 800,000 subscribers. Or, to put it in this weekend’s terms, the average line to see “Breaking Dawn” … at a matinee showing … in Hastings, Nebraska.

So how will they win people back? With stuff like this:

“Netflix is licensing new episodes of the TV series “Arrested Development” from 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television.”

Yup. “Arrested Development” is not only likely back in production, but there’s already a deal for episodes to go to Netflix. Will this help save Netflix from going the way of Prodigy and Compuserve? (If you’re too young to know what those are … don’t tell me.)



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