Snow White Super Fight

Inexplicably, there are two new Snow White movies coming out soon: the Julia Roberts-Nathan Lane “Mirror Mirror” and the Charlize Theron-THOR-Twilight girl “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Based upon that description, you might think my choice of which one I’d go see is obvious. But you’d be wrong.

Which would you go see? And does anyone think that for Snow White to be “the fairest one of them all” she also needs to be attractive? Because … that’s not the case here. They weren’t just talking about pale skin (or were they….).


2 thoughts on “Snow White Super Fight

  1. I think you are on to something with “fairest” being a comment about their pale skin. If they were any more pale you’d have to call them “Snow Clear and the Huntsman. Also, what is up with Lily Collins’ “unabrow?” The promotional stills are not flattering.

    I’m really not sure what it means when in both movies I”m hoping the Queen wins.

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