Community is gone … long live Community?

By now, true “Community” fans have heard that, yesterday, NBC pulled “Community” from its January schedule. NBC, the channel that would air programming even ESPN: The Ocho wouldn’t sink down and air feels they can do better than “Community.”

So, what does this mean? Is “Community” gone for good? No, it is definitely not. Just as ABC held “Cougar Town” until the mid-season, NBC might be keeping “Community” alive for a summer or fall return. But it requires action from you.

I’m not talking about sending NBC things. Fan sent tons, yes, literally TONS of peanuts to CBS to keep nuclear wastland drama “Jericho” on for longer and sent NBC more Subway sandwiches than pre-weight loss Jared could eat in a sitting to help out “Chuck”. But I don’t think bobble-head Abeds or homemade Hawthorne Wipes (without insinuating Champaign-Urbana is a homosexual mecca, of course) will make the difference.

Instead, it’s easy: Make sure the new Chelsea Handler show and “Whitney” fail miserably on Wednesday nights (preventing a second season of “Up All Night” will help too). Remember: a miserably low number of viewers isn’t good enough. It needs to be miserable for NBC. That means a “number of people who would watch an Oprah Winfrey sex tape” type of audience.

Let’s look at the new Wednesday and Thursday NBC schedules:

7 p.m.: “Whitney” (beginning Jan. 11)  [MUST FAIL]
7:30 p.m. “ARE YOU THERE, CHELSEA?” (series premeire Jan. 11) [MUST FAIL]
8 p.m.: “Rock Center with Brian Williams” (beginning Feb. 8 ) [ALREADY FAILING, BUT DOESN’T HELP]
10-11 p.m. – “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” [SINKING, BUT DOESN’T HELP]

7 p.m.: “30 Rock” (season premiere Jan. 12) [IMMUNE TO LOW RATINGS UNTIL ALEC BALDWIN DECIDES HE’S DONE]
7:30 p.m.: “Parks and Recreation” [NBC’S NEW BABY TO NURTURE TO AN EMMY]
8:30 p.m. “Up All Night” (beginning Jan. 12) [FAILURE WOULD HELP]
9 p.m.: “THE FIRM” (2-hour series premiere Sunday, Jan. 8; Thursday time period premiere Jan. 12) [NO CLUE IF IT’LL BE AWFUL, BUT FAILURE WON’T HELP]

So, if you want “Community” to stay, make use of that social networking site you stalk each other on and speak up for “Community.” And, just as important, make sure there are NBC failures so they have no choice but to resurrect a low-rated, but beloved show. Heck, if ABC brought back “Happy Endings” (which has improved), there’s certainly hope that NBC will give “Community” another season.


3 thoughts on “Community is gone … long live Community?

  1. The other show NBC left off its schedule (“Prime Suspect”) has now been cut. That DOES NOT MEAN “Community” will be … but it’s still in risk, of course.

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