Monday Morning @ the Movies (Nov. 14)

This week’s new movies are all either successes or miserable failures … it all depends on your perspective.

1) IMMORTALS 3D     ~$32.0 Million Weekend     (NEW)

“Immortals” led the pack of new releases with an estimated $32 million. This is a lot of money, especially for an R-rated 3D film, and it will make a nice profit. However, “300” debuted to more than $70 million in 2007 and “Clash of the Titans” debuted to more than $60 million in 2010, so it really pales in comparison. This is especially true when compared to “300”, which made its sum from significantly lower ticket prices (both because it was 2007 and because people didn’t pay 3D prices).

2) JACK AND JILL      ~$26.0 Million Weekend    (NEW)

$26 million for this brutally unfunny, horribly reviewed, supposed “comedy” sounds impressive. But, again, it’s all about perspective. “Jack and Jill” is the first of the five director Dennis Dugan- Adam Sandler films (“I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, “Grown Ups” and “Just Go With It”) to debut with less than $30 million. It’s also the worst performing Sandler comedy in the last ten years (excluding dramedy “Funny People”). But, still, $26 million of people went to see “Jack and Jill” this weekend and viewers under 18 years old gave it an A- average rating. This is the best indication yet that we’re really screwed when the next generation takes over.

3) PUSS IN BOOTS     ~$25.5 Million Weekend        ($108.8 Million total) 

“Puss in Boots” broke $100 million continues to dominate family audiences. I’ll also be checking to see if the final numbers put “Puss in Boots” at #2 and knock down “Jack and Jill”. Let’s hope!

4) TOWER HEIST        ~$13.2 Million Weekend          ($43.9 Million Total)

After everything that happened with the director and Eddie Murphy this past week, it didn’t affect families heading out to see this surprisingly well-reviewed comedy.

5) J. EDGAR                 ~$11.5 Million Weekend          (NEW)

Once a guaranteed Best Picture nominee, the critics trashed “J. Edgar” this weekend. This blog offered a middle-ground review. $11.5 Million isn’t bad for an Oscar prestige biopic, but for a Clint Eastwood / Leonardo DiCaprio project, it’s a major disappointment. DiCaprio is still a lock for a Best Picture Oscar nomination, but the film’s chances (even if the Academy nominates ten films like it did last year) are slipping by the day.

6) HAROLD AND KUMAR 3    ~$5.9 Million Weekend    ($23.2 Million Total)

A steep fall for this 3D pot comedy, but it’s already exceeded its budget and, even though it’s a 3D film, this is a movie a lot of stoners are going to watch at home. A success, but not enough of one to make a fourth film … or is it? Depends on DVD sales.

7) IN TIME       ~$4.2 Million Weekend      (Total $30.7 Million)

“In Time” continues to chug along … not an impressive box office performance, but it’s doing better than its first weekend would have led many to believe. Justin Timberlake might still have an acting career.

8 ) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3         ~$3.6 Million Weekend      (Total $100.8 Million)

“Paranormal Activity 3” just crossed $100 Million and has a chance to equal the first film’s $108 Million gross. None of the three have come close to “The Blair Witch Project” but they avoided Blair Witch’s epically disastrous attempt at a sequel.

9) FOOTLOOSE          ~$2.7 Million Weekend      (Total $48.9 Million)

Still refuse to acknowledge.

10) REAL STEEL        ~$2.0 Million Weekend      (Total $81.8 Million)



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