R. Kelly: Idiot Savant

Besides being a colossal nutbag R. Kelly is also so incredibly creative that it borders on mental illness.  If there ever was a celebrity whose biography needed to be written it his.  This book is being written (it’s an autobiography, by the way), praise the lord!  The release date is still in question but the title is not.  It could not be more perfect.  R. Kelly’s autobiography is titled, “Soula Coaster:  The Diary of Me.”  Oh yeah, that’s real, and its wonderful.

Side Note:  Maybe you thought it was done by a 12 year old with photo shop, but that is actually the real book cover above.  Merry early Christmas to us all.


3 thoughts on “R. Kelly: Idiot Savant

  1. I will admit to not only going to an R. Kelly concert in Chicago, but thoroughly enjoying it. It was in the midst of his “Am I going to get caught for urinating on small children?” scandal that ended-up in his favor because, not joking here, the vein on the hand of the guy in the video did not conclusively represent the vein on R. Kelly’s hand. Ahh, jury nullification!

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