Monday Morning @ the Movies (Nov. 7)

The Puss is mightier than the Tower and stronger than Christmas.

1) PUSS IN BOOTS     ~$32.1 Million Weekend     ($75.5 Million total) 

Dreamworks thought they had a hit on their hands. But then children chose, selfishly, to go to Halloween parties instead of the opening weekend of “Puss in Boots” and egotistical East Coast parents who clearly don’t love their kids decided not to trek through two feet of snow to head to the theatre. What jerks. But Dreamworks was right: “Puss in Boots” made only three percent less in its second weekend than in its opening weekend, which is smallest drop ever for a non-Holiday release from more than 2,500 theaters. That’s a big deal. Still, “Puss in Boots” is trailing all four of the “Shrek” movies and will face some heavy competition in the next few weeks (hello, Muppets!)

2) TOWER HEIST        ~$25.1 Million Weekend          (NEW)

Eddie Murphy’s latest attempt to prove he’s not a coked-up, unfunny corpse, hidden away in the back alley of fame made almost exactly what his huge success “The Nutty Professor” did. Problem is: “The Nutty Professor” debuted back in 1996 when ticket prices were reasonable and not equivalent to buying a new car, so significantly fewer people came to “Tower Heist” despite an all-star cast of Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni (still alive!), Casey Affleck, and Precious.

3) … HAROLD AND KUMAR … CHRISTMAS    ~$13.1 Million Weekend    (NEW)

The third “Harold and Kumar” movie, previewed HERE, didn’t make as much as the second film, despite additional 3D prices. Still, it cost only $20 million to produce, so it’s going to be a hit. Interestingly, 95 percent of audiences saw the movie on 3D screens, even higher than “The Lion King 3D”, which got 92 percent of its money from 3D screens. Despite Christmas movies generally lasting awhile in theaters, the big 3D offerings of fall (and “Immortals”) will likely remove some of “Harold and Kumar”‘s contact high.

4) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3         ~$8.5 Million Weekend      (Total $95.3 Million)

I now have it from good authority that this film is not that scary, though my source (like me and that good friend I mentioned before… you know who you are) didn’t find the first one scary either. That puts the three of us in the 1%. Wait, that’s a bad number to use nowadays; I don’t want someone occupying my front lawn. I just raked the leaves away!

5) IN TIME       ~$7.7 Million Weekend      (Total $24.2 Million)

Despite a slow start, “In Time” isn’t doing that badly, with a better retention of viewers than “Source Code” earlier in the year. Justin Timberlake … your film career is still alive.

6) FOOTLOOSE          ~$4.6 Million Weekend      (Total $44.5 Million)

Still refuse to acknowledge.

7) REAL STEEL        ~$3.4 Million Weekend      (Total $78.8 Million)

8 ) THE RUM DIARY    ~$3.0 Million Weekend     (Total $10.4 Million)

This is now Johnny Depp’s biggest flop of the century. Well, since 1999, but it sounds more dramatic when we consider centuries.

9 ) IDES OF MARCH    ~$2.0 Million Weekend      (Total $36.8 Million)

Review here and previewed here.

10) MONEYBALL    ~$1.9 Million Weekend      (Total $70.3 Million)


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