U2 Sucks But This Is Great

Jack White shows us, yet again, that everything he touches turns to awesome.  It is no secret that I hate U2 and when I say U2 what I really mean is Bono.  I hate Bono.  Sorry Edge.  Sorry other two guys who are too moderately talented to bother mentioning.  Boys, you are guilty by association.

I know a few of you don’t agree with my views but answer me this:  “If Bono doesn’t suck then why is there a website called bonosucks.org?”  Not just “.com” but “.org!”  Much more official.  Case closed.  Thank you internet.

Now this cover Jack White has done of “Love Is Blindness” is supposedly for a tribute album put together by Q Magazine to celebrate the re-released of U2’s Achtung Baby.  I, personally, believe that Jack White recorded this track to wipe that look of smug satisfaction off of that chin that Bono refers to as a face.  Mr. White, thank you for at least attempting to attach some balls to this forgettable U2 track.

(via Consequence of Sound)

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