Oh the horror!

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what movie will scare you to death this year. Thankfully, the “Saw” series is now dead but, unfortunately, the very over-rated “Paranormal Activity” series is still alive.

Here are three trailers for recent and upcoming horror films. Which ones will you give a shot?

Let’s start off with a film clearly trying to rip off what “The Last Exorcism” ripped off of what “Paranormal Activity” ripped off of “The Blair Witch Project.” That being said, it could have some really scary moments:

Now let’s move onto something truly terrifying: Joe Fatone. Nothing else in this trailer is as scary as that, even Robert “Freddy Kreuger” Englund himself as a supernatural serial killer.

And then there’s the big Hollywood horror film that will likely disappoint everyone who saw the original:

So, which of the three will you see? Any of them? I’m thinking the answer might actually be none of them … not a strong October for horror films. If you agree, you should stay tuned for our list of the Best Horror Films on DVD, coming to this blog the week of Halloween.


One thought on “Oh the horror!

  1. Oh the poor horror genera. There are just so many zombie and night vision movies out there any more. I have lost count of the number of movies sent in that are entirely shot with a night vision camera. A good rule of thumb is, if Paris Hilton has done it, you should probably move on to something different. So much of a good horror movie is about novelty. You want to know why they can make all those versions of “Saw” and “Final Destination?” It’s because the deaths happen in mostly novel ways each time. That is the only reason I can think of for why “Human Centipede” did as well as it did.

    If it’s not novel,than at least make it entertaining. I’d kill (ha ha, horror pun)for some randy cheerleader slasher spoofs. With some of the demographics changes talked about at this years MIPCOM favoring comedy and the TV networks buying heavily into comedy this year, I’m really surprised we haven’t seen a resurgence in “Scream” or “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” type horrors.

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