Melancholia Trailer

After the Fall Movie Preview (here), a few of you asked me about the movie “Melancholia”.

Well, here’s the trailer:

Do not expect this to answer your question of what “Melancholia” is about. All I know is that it looks beautiful, Kirsten Dunst (who might have topped out with her best performance in “Interview with the Vampire”) won a major award for it, and the director always intrigues me.

However, it also looks like it could be “The Tree of Life”, a movie I refuse to see because I have a vehement dislike of Terrence Malick and his nature documentaries posing as narrative film. If you’ve seen “The Tree of Life” (and I know one of you has fallen asleep during it), please post your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Melancholia Trailer

  1. Let me start by stating that this movie already has my attention, primarily because I was able to stay awake for the whole preview, it had more dialect than “Tree of Life” by 42 seconds into this preview, and it appears to have more of a plot than “Tree of Life” and all of the “Transformers” combined. That being said, I can’t help but think I wasn’t the only person who fell asleep during “Tree of Life.” On the other hand, this movie doesn’t quite appear to have that jaw dropping awe in imagery that “Tree of Life” had, which is fine, because one can only handle great imagery and moderate (that’s being nice) plot line for about 30 minutes. What this movie does have is a big name (ok, so “Tree of Life” had a few big names…)

    So….what does this movie have over “Tree of Life?”

    This movie appears to be about a distant planet on a crash course for Earth. It’s been done a million times, typically with an asteroid instead of a planet, but same idea none the less. I don’t know what to expect…I’m not the expert in this type of work…that’s why we read you clowns’ blog, but I can say that I’d go see this movie on a good night’s rest…and maybe with a red bull or two in your pocket!

    • Let me be clear: I wasn’t calling out one person of falling asleep during the work of Terrence Malick. I fell asleep during his big war movie … a war movie … about the birds and trees of Southeast Asia. His “A New World” movie about Pocahontas also got so boring, I was begging for someone to start singing “Colors of the Wind” or something else from that Disney version. That being said, JS, wonderful analysis. I’ll let you know what I think when I see it so I can warn you and you can go against my advice. Though, yes, I am sure “The Tree of Life” was stunning with brilliant cinematography and I might even root for it to win that Oscar. But, for me, a movie needs to not be at its best when on mute.

  2. I would see this movie soley based on the fact that sexy viking vampire eric aka Alexander Skarsgård is in this movie. He can make anything entertaining in my book.

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