Breaking TV News: First Show Cut

I have learned that NBC just canceled “The Playboy Club,” the supposed feminist show about working as a Playboy bunny in Chicago. Last night’s audience was dismal.

I reported this likelihood back on September 27 here, along with concern for “Free Agents” and “Prime Suspect.”

While “Free Agents” and “Prime Suspect” are still on the NBC schedule, it is not looking good for either, especially considering that NBC gave full season orders today (aka enough episodes to get through May) for the other two new comedies “Up All Night” and “Whitney.”

What’s going in the spot of “The Playboy Club”? Re-runs of “Prime Suspect.” If they don’t find an audience soon, expect it to be gone, along with “Free Agents” in the next few weeks.

Also, since the first TV update, “How to Be A Gentleman” debuted on CBS. While its ratings would be high enough for NBC to enshrine it in gold and buy every star a diamond-coated ferrari, CBS’s ratings are too high to let it bring down the average. Expect this to be its first and only season.



One thought on “Breaking TV News: First Show Cut

  1. A show that deserved to die. You know what a show taking place in the Playboy club should NOT be? Boring. It was so bad, not even Amber Heard’s cleavage tempted me into watching the second episode.

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