Andy Rooney: The Clock is Ticking.

CBS announced last night that perennial television essayist Andy Rooney will do his final appearance on “60 Minutes” this Sunday. Love him or hate him, he was an institution on television. Just look at the numbers:

Rooney is 92 years old.

Rooney has been on “60 Minutes” for 33 years (that’s longer than any writer of this blog has been alive … even the old one!).

Rooney will have done 1,097 television segments.

His first essay-like segment was in 1964, called “An Essay on Doors.” Yes, the man did an entire segment on doors and, instead of kicking him to the curb, it led to almost fifty additional years in broadcasting.

May we all find jobs that we love as much as Andy Rooney loved telling us what was wrong with the world …


One thought on “Andy Rooney: The Clock is Ticking.

  1. Andy Rooney you old fart, it’s about time you retired. Vertually nothing pleases you, you seem to dislike most things new in technology, and how you have managed to hang on is a miracle.

    Good luck, live longer and prosper. I will surely miss you every Sunday for a very long time, and I may even shed a small tear when next time I don’t see you at your desk.

    Thanks you help make life bearable.

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