What’s Getting Cancelled? TV Updates

With most TV shows already premiered, now begins one of the most exciting times for a TV junkie: awaiting the first cancellations and utter destruction of young artists’ hopes and dreams. While there was no total bomb like last year (FOX’s “Lone Star”, CW’s “Beautiful Life” and ABC’s “My Generation”) that doesn’t mean there wont be some axes getting dropped in October.
First some rules.
1) The CW doesn’t matter. Even though “H8R” had fewer viewers than a Kathy Bates sex tape, it costs about $100 to make each episode and looks it so its hard to gauge how long it’ll last. It might be worth burning off the episodes they have rather than shell out millions for another soapy supernatural teen drama.

2) Most NBC comedies are immune. “Community”, “Parks and Rec”, and “30 Rock” (not back until January) all have low ratings even when you consider DVR viewers and even “The Office” would be ended three seasons ago if it was on CBS, but NBC is poorly watched overall so they will clutch onto their relatively popular comedies. Of course the 4th comedy in that block is always poised for the chopping block (“Outsourced” last year and maybe “Whitney” this year)  

So with that:

Don’t get hooked: “The Playboy Club” (oddly, a tale of female empowerment, which paled in comparison to “Pan Am”‘s debut), “Free Agents” (a poor representation of the great talent of Hank Azaria, which paled in comparison to “Up All Night”‘s debut, which also has its own issues), and “Prime Suspect” (the Maria Bello wears a weird hipster hat while solving crimes show) 

Ween yourself off: Both “CSI: Miami” and “Law & Order: SVU” are likely in their last seasons. “CSI: Miami” was already dwindling last season (and, really, people, this is not a good show and never was) and the casting change on “Law & Order: SVU” didn’t help what WAS a great show. I can’t remember a world without a “Law & Order” show on network television. How will I cope with only 20 re-runs a day on TNT and USA?? Also, not that too many people were addicted last season, but Kathy Bates’ “Harry’s Law” is also likely not making a third season at its current rate.

Get addicted: FOX’s “New Girl” had great ratings for its first episode. FOX isn’t known to keep its well-liked comedies (see “Futurama” and “Family Guy” (before it got bad) for examples), but this show (which I haven’t seen due to HULU’s 8-day delay now) is getting excellent reviews and, while it came in third to “NCIS” and “Dancing with the Stars”, it won the 18-34 aged audience. Of course, not shocking given that the average “NCIS” addict is likely washing down a bran muffin with Ovaltine during commercial breaks. Too bad Damon Wayans, Jr. was committed to an unexpected season two of “Happy Endings.”

Surpisingly low: FOX’s “The X-Factor” which had fewer viewers than either “Criminal Minds” or “Modern Family” at the same time. Not an impressive debut for what was expected to dominate the ratings like “American Idol.”

Surprisingly high: ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” is supposedly awful and got a pretty decent audience. But how many of them will watch a second episode? My guess: About two-thirds.

TBD: Never fear, sick bastards like me who want to see a show bomb embarassingly. How to be a Gentleman, Last Man Standing, Man Up!, Suburgatory, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time are still awaiting their debuts!


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