Horror and Politics: Two New TV Shows

Most new fall shows have already premiered, with ratings either surprisingly high (“Charlie’s Angels”) or surprisingly low (“The X-Factor”, relatively). But here are two shows which have not yet premiered and could be interesting:

(1) BOSS to premiere October 21 on STARZ

BOSS is a fictional tale of corruption and crime in Chicago. Of course it’s fiction because we all know Chicago is an ethically perfect utopia with mayors and governors who follow every rule and would never embezzle funds. But, that being said, Kelsey Grammer gets a plum dramatic role on a TV station no one watches. Even Netflix (Quickster? D.O.A.?) is getting rid of its streaming deal with STARZ. So, long story short, the show looks good, but I won’t be able to check it out until DVD. So someone with STARZ: Let me know!

(2) AMERICAN HORROR STORY to premiere October 5 on FX.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY looks creepy, stylish, well directed and … potentially awful. Reviews so far have been good, but Ryan Murphy (who also created “Nip/tuck” and “Glee”) has a way of riding a fun line between trashy entertainment and campy, over-the-top mess. The cast is excellent (Dylan McDermott of “The Practice”, Connie Britton of “Friday Night Lights” (Emmy nominee two weeks ago), and Oscar winner Jessica Lange) and the idea of a high quality horror show appeals to me greatly. But, again, I worry that it will be campy and stupid (see “Glee: Season Two”) and not trashy but fun (some seasons of “Nip/tuck”).

And don’t forget about DEXTER … coming back next week! I felt last season was weaker than usual, but still consider DEXTER to be one of the best shows on television and a main reason why Showtime has taken away HBO’s crown as best premium cable channel.

What shows are you looking forward to? Let us know and we can do some background research and make a future posting on it!


4 thoughts on “Horror and Politics: Two New TV Shows

  1. American Horror story is going to be a crazy and entertaining pilot to a show that will fall apart by episode 5. Also, Dexter should have ended after three seasons. Right now the show is just repeating the same formula every year and is only elevated to being “very good” by the guest actors, such as Lithgow. I still watch it, but I no longer expect great things on par with seasons 1 and 2.

  2. Completely agree with your prediction on American Horror Story, but I am mixed on your Dexter take. Seasons 1 and 2 were the prime: new, original, refreshing. Season 3 slipped but upon watching it again much later it’s better than I remembered. Season 4, however, I found to be just as good as 1 and 2. John Lithgow created a “foil” to Dexter that could have been amped up a bit more, but was still very entertaining each week. My problem with Season 5 was that I kept waiting for the twist regarding Julia Stiles … was she also a killer? was this a big set-up? and nothing happened other than a slight change to the “save the girl in peril” plotline. If you want to talk about Showtime shows past their prime, Weeds is the best example. It should have ended two seasons ago, before it became a Mexican soap opera (2010) and odd road trip show (2011).

    • Spoiler Alert

      But even season 4 had the same formula of Dexter encountering someone who almost kills him and/or reveals his identity who Dexter kills at the end. The only reason season 4 was good was because Lithgow elevated that performance, but in terms of season arc, the role of his character was not different from any of the other antagonists in other seasons. The show needed to end in season 3 with him being caught or killed or something, it would have been much more dynamic than stringing everything along for so long.

  3. I’m actually looking forward to the return of the walking dead on October 16! Also, Once Upon A Time? Crash and Burn or potential success? Most importantly- what’s on the TV show death watch!

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