Fall TV Preview

And now for something completely different … today we start our first foray into television. Movies, music, AND television all in one blog? That’s INSANE! Well, here we go …

Today is the season premiere of “Tosh.O” on Comedy Central and this week alone brings 18 brand new shows to network television. The CW started their season last week but, unless you’re a girl in the 12-24 age group, you probably ignored that like we did. So, with that:

Jason: What are you looking forward to most this week?

Jake: ‪I am really excited for the return of NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup, particularly “Community” and “Parks and Rec”. Besides those, a few other favorites, like “Fringe”, are coming back. Frankly, most of the new shows premiering this week look pretty bad.

Jason: There is definitely some low quality out there, including “Whitney” in that Thursday night comedy block. Unfortunately, Tina Fey felt birthing a child was more important than having “30 Rock” re-start in the fall.

Jake:  ‪Which is unfortunate given what a strong season “30 Rock” had last year. And if “Whitney” does find an audience, NBC is going to have more comedies than time slots like last Spring. So let me ask you, are there any shows, new or old, starting this week, or even this Fall, that you are eager to see?

Jason:  ‪Maybe this is showing my old age, but I’m excited for a CBS drama. No, not just “The Good Wife”, which I feel is the best drama on network television and just won Best Actress on Sunday. I think “Person of Interest” could either be a complete disaster or a smart new show to drop CBS’s average viewer to below retirement age. [The plot of “Person of Interest” is that a detective gets a name each day, but doesn’t know if the person is about to be murdered or about to murder someone else.] The idea of combining one of the best “LOST” actors with Jesus Christ in a sci-fi show appeals to me. And I am not a sci-fi fan.

Jake:  ‪Actually I agree. Michael Emerson was so fantastic on “LOST” that I will pretty much check out any pilot he stars in. However, because it is on CBS, my expectations for liking it enough to follow week to week are really low. Let’s face it, “The Good Wife” is a big outlier in terms of quality for that network.

Jason:  ‪Well, agreeing isn’t much fun. Let’s see if we disagree on what’s going to be the worst new show. My choices are either “Hart of Dixie” (where Rachel Bilson plays a NYC doctor who inherits a small town, Southern medical office) or “Charlie’s Angels” (where three women jiggle for the camera while solving crimes). Other than offering eye candy to men who would rather be watching football on ESPN, I can’t see what either show has to offer.

Jake:  ‪Well if the CW’s “H8R” is off the table, my picks would have to include ABC’s man-its-tough-to-be-a-man double header of “Last Man Standing” and “Man Up”. Do we really need two shows about how men are emasculated in the modern world and just need to find their common cave man roots to be happy? I expect those to be unwatchable.

Jason:  ‪ABC made such valiant strides into comedy recently (“Modern Family” (which won five major Emmys on Sunday), “Cougar Town”, “Better With You”) it’s disappointing that they’re bringing ideas to TV that would have been stale in 1990. I even hear ABC’s “Happy Endings” improved within its first half season and that “The Middle” is a solid comedy performer, though I watch neither. I agree that these “man shows” look pathetic and unfunny when compared to Tim Allen’s career pinnacle “Home Improvement.” But I think I’d rather watch Tim Allen try to be funny than watch Rachel Bilson over-enunciate big medical words while surrounded by people with bad Southern accents… unless the shows are on mute, of course.

This was just an initial preview of fall TV discussions between Jason and Jake. Because we did not have the chance to pre-screen the new TV shows, we will have to wait until next week until we officially decide what we feel are the best and worst new shows. Stay tuned next week when we discuss the best new shows, worst shows, and start to discuss the Fall movie schedule. And stay tuned for fighting … there will be fighting. 


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