Weekend Movie Preview

OK, I know what you’re all thinking: Weekend movie preview? How am I going to balance that AND the start of the heated WNBA playoffs? Well, WNBA fan (singular intended), that’s why these pros and cons of each movie will help you make the best of the weekend.


Pro: You know what to expect. The Lion King is a great film and one of the strongest box office performers of all time. Disney usually gets it right when it adds 3D effects, but will this be worth the $13 ticket price? (Adjusted to $56,044 for D.C. prices, as compared to Omaha).

Con: You know what to expect. While a nice idea to woo people back into theaters (see: Toy Story, Toy Story 2), it is likely just a marketing gimmick to get kids asking for little lions and monkeys for Christmas.


Pro: I don’t know how, but this “Fast and the Furious” / “Gone in 60 Seconds” / “Drive Angry 3D” film won a major award at the Cannes Film Festival and has received some of the best reviews of a movie this year. Ryan Gosling (from that big romance movie about the guy and the girl … you know … the sex doll in “Lars and the Real Girl”) plays a stunt car driver who also looks to get hired to drive in illegal transactions. Again, this sounds like “The Transporter” trilogy (some of Jason Statham’s finest work) but it has a 93% on Rottentomatoes right now. Go see it, if only to further the careers of two of the best young actors: Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. Finally, a movie that Brandon Kuss and Bryan Ingram might both be excited for.

Con: None, until I hear from non-critics about it. I’m talking to you, mother.


Pro: It’s only 91 minutes long.

Con: Sarah. Jessica. Parker. Our favorite unattractive leading lady who turned a ladies’ TV series into a sequel that somehow found a way to further destroy Arab-American relations plays (guess!) an American (shocking that Sarah couldn’t pull off a British accent like in the book!) who deals with a lot of stress (Oh my God!) and has to balance work and family (where do they come up with these exciting, original ideas?). Suffice it to say this is going to be bad.

STRAW DOGS (2011) 

Pro: The original “Straw Dogs” is a smart but slightly overrated psychological drama / horror-ish film starring Dustin Hoffman, so there’s solid source material here about a couple facing problems in a small town.

Con: From the Boston Globe: “The movie is like being waterboarded by liberals outside a Democratic National Committee event.” Well, that sounds fun. The ads also make it look more “Saw” than psych.

My recommendation: Go see “Drive” and reply on the blog here about how it is. Or, if you’re lucky to be in a town with independent films, go see the funny and enjoyable Irish film “The Guard” starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle. It’s the story of a small town Irish police officer (Gleeson) who gets involved in a $500 million drug smuggling investigation led by an American FBI agent (Cheadle). I saw it in D.C. this week and it’s a good way to spend an hour and a half.


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