God of Carnage

“Carnage” is one of those movies begging for Oscar season. An Oscar-caliber cast (John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Christopher Waltz, Kate Winslet), an Oscar-winning director (Roman Polanski of “Yeah, I totally drugged that underage girl and had sex with her and now I live in Europe” fame), and strong source material (an award-winning play).

Only problem is: sometimes these “bottle episode”-like movies can be hideously boring. Let’s see how this one goes:





2 thoughts on “God of Carnage

  1. Thanks for the comment! The play was actually originally written in France and then received many awards in its American and UK versions. The film is set in Brooklyn but, because Polanski can never return to the U.S. again, it was filmed in Europe this past year. Maybe there will be an Australian tour of the play soon.

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