Jack and Jill Went Up a Hill and Ruined My Respect for Al Pacino

Adam Sandler’s new movie trailer for Jack and Jill got released this week and it looks awful. If the picture below makes you think “Adam Sandler is playing himself and his twin sister in a movie? That’s going to be HILARIOUS!!!” then (1) You are likely wrong and (2) You probably need to use US Weekly for your music and movies instead of this blog.

What is truly offensive though isn’t Adam Sandler. The man can act (Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish) and can be absolutely hilarious, but he can also make horrible comedies (Little Nicky ranks up there with the worst).This will likely fall in the third category, but what’s truly offensive is that Al Pacino plays himself and lusts after the cross dressing Adam Sandler.

Really, Al? How bad has your career gotten that you have fallen from brilliant classics like Dog Day Afternoon and The Godfather series to supporting Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler as a lady, and Katie Holmes? You are billed lower than Katie Holmes, who tried to ruin Batman Begins with her horrible acting, though she was definitely more attractive than Maggie Gylenhaal.

Which brings me to my next point: Katie Holmes and Adam Sandler play a married couple? I guess it’s not much crazier than her marrying Tom Cruise and the entire Church of Scientology.


2 thoughts on “Jack and Jill Went Up a Hill and Ruined My Respect for Al Pacino

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