Why Do You Listen to Drake?

This is the video for “Marvin’s Room” off of Drake’s upcoming album Take Care.  To be blunt, it sucks.  I’m not just talking about the video, I am mostly talking about the song.  Oh and the artist, too.  Drake sucks.  He just does.  He is supposed to be one of those rare hip hop artists who can sing and rap but he doesn’t do either one all that well.  His singing voice is auto tuned to death and his flow is super methodical and super generic.

I’m not asking for much.  Just give me a hint of originality.  I do appreciate pop music when it is done well.  Not every song has to have some intense deeper meaning but when I hear a line like, “We threw a party/Yeah we threw a party/Bitches came over/Yeah we through a party,” my brain just tunes out.  But the reality is that he is constantly receiving accolades from magazines and popular blogs.  I apparently do not see what everyone else sees in him.  Will someone let me know what I am missing?

Side note:   What is the deal with this songs title?  “Marvin’s Room” is a play written by Scott McPherson about a family dealing with leukemia.  I don’t know if Drake was trying to make some kind of allusion somewhere in between all the whining about all the sex and fame but I didn’t see it.

Drake ~ Marvins Room (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.


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