Transformers: Not Optimal, Sub-Prime?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon made $37.3 million on Wednesday. That seems like a pretty big deal, right? Normal people, if they made $37.3 million in 10 years would quit their job and buy all of their friends cars and gadgets only seen in James Bond movies. For example, the Ferrari 458 Italia, featured in Transformers 3.

But $37.3 million in a matter of hours has Michael Bay and film studios disappointed.

Why? Transformers 3, with the 6th-highest Wednesday box office in film history, is considered a failure compared toTransformers 2, which had the then-#1 highest box office Wednesday with $62 million in a few hours. SIXTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS IN A FEW HOURS!

Some movie commentators have said it’s because Megan Fox was replaced. In my professional opinion: that’s dumb.

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