Lil Wayne – How To Love

I don’t know how long this song has been floating around but I just heard it tonight for the first time and I was surprised how much it upset me. Not just because it is awful, and boy is it awful, but mostly its because of who it is coming from. If this was a Ne-Yo or an Usher track then fine, but this is Lil Wayne. This is the guy who has made a career writing lyrics like, “Bring it back all on my dick cuz I make a lot of money/But I dunno why cause she gets nothing from me.”

Let me be clear here. My issue is not with offensive lyrics. I could care less. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. My problem is that he is being completely disingenuous. Which is the real Wayne? Is he a complete dickhead with no respect for women or is he a sensitive guy who totally understands women. He can’t be both. So either this bad boy, thugged out image he has been cultivating since his Hot Boys days is a complete sham and he’s really just a nice guy or he wrote a bubblegummy pop song to pander to the kind of people that love shitty songs. Wayne is either a fraud or, for lack of a better word, a sell out.

All I’m saying is make whatever kind of music you want, just be genuine.  Give us a glimpse into the real you.  If you are a sweet, sensitive dude then write saccharine coated power ballads.  If you are an asshole then go make a Coldplay album.  Whatever.  As the great sage Ronnie Ortiz-Magro would say just “do you.”

Lady Gaga is a great example.  She is a living, breathing freak show in 10 inch heels and a meat dress, but to her credit she has the same freaky personality regardless of the type of song she is singing.  That is who she is and that is her style.  Does she do a dance number about deviant sex then a power ballad about joys of getting married and raising a family with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence?  No of course not.  The next song is about getting rocked in a devil’s threeway with Jesus and Judas.  She’s a wack job but she’s not pretending to be a wack job and that’s what makes her genuine.

“How To Love” is a song created to help the album rise up the charts because it can be played on the radio.  Its just a money grab and what’s sad is that Lil Wayne is a talented enough lyricist that he doesn’t need to pander to the masses to be successful.  That to me is much more offensive than lyrics about sex and gunplay because it is insulting my intelligence.  Why aren’t the rest of you insulted?


2 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – How To Love

  1. Word…

    Oh, you crack me up… Lil Wayne is “the bomb like – tickk. tick.”

    Thank you for more gratifying entertainment Mr. Kuss!!! Girls hall will miss you!

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