Pixar Winning Streak to End?

When Pixar releases a movie, two things are sure to happen:

(1) The critics will love it.

(2) It will make a billion dollars worldwide.

When people ask “What’s your least favorite Pixar movie?” it’s often like saying “which one of your best friends could you do without?” My answer to both: (1) “A Bug’s Life”, but I still like it and (2) the friend who checks this blog the least.

However, now it looks like Pixar’s perfect streak that started in 1995 is about to end. After 16 years of pure genius, “Cars 2” is getting knocked down by critics and early audience reviews aren’t kind either. As of writing this Thursday night, “Cars 2” had a 38% good review rating on RottenTomatoes, with 71 reviews in. Expect about 40 more reviews, but not a much higher final number.

Sample reviews:

“heartless, convoluted, and boring” ~ filmcritic.com

“It does just about everything but tell an actual story.” ~ Movieline

“Despite its technical and design finesse, this ranks as Pixar’s weakest project to date” ~ ChicagoTribune

But there is still hope …

“Yes, “Cars 2″ is better than “Cars.”” ~ Orlando Sentinel

“Lightning and Mater mix it up with Formula 1 and spies in yet another Pixar winner.” ~ Hollywood Reporter

So, what do you think? Still plan to see it or wait for DVD? And what is your least favorite Pixar film?


2 thoughts on “Pixar Winning Streak to End?

  1. The issue is Cars is the most marketable of the Pixar creations. Cars 2 is forecasted to make more than Toy Story 3’s $2.8 billiion in licensed products (New York Post). Small boys + shiny cars = easy money. As such, while it may not make it to theaters- I wouldn’t be suprised to see Lightning McQueen hit the road for a third installment.

  2. Good point. “Cars” has remained a top merchandise seller while films like “The Incredibles” didn’t sell as much stuff as expected. I’m sure “Cars 2” will make a ton of money, but it’s sad to see Pixar choose merchandising over quality. They were the last bastion of perfect filmmaking.

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