Dillon Francis & Diplo – Que Que ft. Maluca

How is it possible that Diplo has such a good feel for Caribbean/African/Brazilian rhythms when he grew up a white boy in Philadelphia, PA?  He made a name for himself as the man behind the boards on much of  MIA’s first two albums and then with his side project, the Jamaican dancehall infused Major Lazer which includes long time collaborator Switch.  Oh yeah, and he runs his own label, a music collective, and a non-profit.

Now he has teamed up with dubstep/moombathon up-and-comer Dillon Francis, who will be releasing his Masta Blasta EP on Mad Decent later this year, to create this freak show of a song (and even freakier video).  With vocal duties handled by MIA-lite Maluca, “Que Que” is a green screen epic that features dancing youngsters, swankily dressed Diplo and Francis camera mugging, and the bluest eyebrows I have ever seen.  Watch the madness below.


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