Bon Iver’s Strange New Video

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Well, the video for “Calgary,” the first single off Bon Iver’s hugely anticipated follow up to surprise indie hit For Emma, Forever Ago, is out and……I’m not sure what is going on.  I’m usually pretty good with symbolism but I’m out on this one.  What do you think?

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(via Gorilla vs Bear)

5 thoughts on “Bon Iver’s Strange New Video

  1. I’m going to throw this out there…and it’s only what I see…

    It seems to be a strange version of the human life cycle. It starts with a womb (the bed) and little sperm like floaties swimming toward the bed. Then, there’s an image of a woman in the fetal position, but for quite some time, all you see is an imaginary image of her (much like an ultrasound image.) She then emerges from the bed and goes through this scary ass forest which , to me, represents life…uncertain, scary, but then there’s the light at the end of the tunnel. She meets another crazy forest man, and together they walk through the forest. The end is tricky, but what appears to be a wedding ceremony, looks more like a funeral. The flaming spermies on the water seem to represent the end of a life cycle and after this life, as the scene is flipped, the heads are all bowed. I don’t understand the bear-like creature, but perhaps it’s a reincarnation.

    Again, just my thoughts as I saw it. Might not even be close!

    • Sure, that all makes sense to me until I get to the part where the two are standing at the edge of the water. What are they holding in their hands? My first thought was hearts but they look kind of rock like. Then they set them on fire? I guess that could be death but does that mean she and her “husband” die together? Or is he not her husband but a representation of her spirit or soul or whatever. Or something? And the bear thing baffles me.

  2. Found this on the You Tube video comments: “First impressions after one viewing: the cycle of natural rebirth as seen through the positive effects of boreal forest fires. And the ending of the video is a shout-out to artist Josh Keyes? Google image search him.” Makes sense…

    • Yeah I guess. But why a shout out to a random artist at the end of a video that previously had nothing to do with him? Are they buddies? Is it some kind of inside joke?

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