Bjork – Play Dead

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If I don’t listen to an artist for a while I tend to forget about them.  I almost enjoy when this happens because when I do accidentally discover them again its like hearing them for the first time.  It makes me wonder how I could have ignored them in the first place.  This happened to me yesterday.  I had my iPod on shuffle while I was eating lunch and Bjork’s “Play Dead” came on.  Bjork’s talent often gets overlooked because of her way out there persona but you can not deny that voice.

This is early, early Bjork.  “Play Dead” was the theme song to Danny Cannon’s 1993 crime drama The Young American’s, starring Harvey Keitel and Viggo Mortensen, and was later released as a bonus track on a re-release of her debut Debut.  It was recorded in collaboration with David Arnold, who would go on to score such diverse films as Last of the Dogmen, Zoolander, and five Bond films.  Its just a brilliantly crafted song and Bjork’s delivery is perfect.

Bjork – Play Dead

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3 thoughts on “Bjork – Play Dead

  1. How can you take someone like her seriously? I mean come on, if you are going to do something ridiculous like wear a swan as a dress you have to do it all the time (ie gaga) and make that your persona or don’t do it at all or you are just considered a freak.

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