Here’s A Guy We Can All Hate Together

Does anyone here hate Ja Rule?  Of course you do.  Stupid question.  He has consistently been the worst thing around ever since his debut album in 1999.  Honestly, I didn’t even know he was still around.  I guess he is still intent on torturing the hip hop loving masses.  Here is his latest “Black Vodka” and it is as horrible as you might think.  Wanna bet there is going to be a drink tie in soon?  I can’t wait to see his stupid face on the shelf every time I sit down at a bar.

Update:  Ja Rule is going to jail.  He turned himself in last night to begin a two year prison sentence at Riker’s Island for “attempted criminal possession of a weapon.”  Apparently, Dummy had a loaded semi-auto in the backseat of Maybach.  Jesus H. Ja Rule, nobody wants to kill you.  You aren’t interesting enough.

Ja Rule – Black Vodka

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3 thoughts on “Here’s A Guy We Can All Hate Together

    • Oh i was just talking about his music. He is a fine actor. His portrayal of Bling Bling in the 2004 hit “The Cookout” showed us his range and depth as an actor. DiCaprio who? Gylelnhaall who?

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