New Spank Rock!!!

Yes, you heard right.  That elusive Philly by way of Baltimore rapper/group/collective/whatever is finally back but I don’t know if you are necessarily going to like what he has brought us.  Fans of Spank Rock (who are MC Naeem Juwan, most of the time DJ XXXchange, and sometimes MC Amanda Blank) know them for the mix of danceable electro beats and dirtball lyrical content from their debut Yoyoyoyoyo released in 2006.  Now it seems Spank Rock is just rapper Juwan and we haven’t heard much from him except for a 2 Live Crew inspired EP he recorded with beatmaker Benny Blanco, Bangers and Cash, in 2007.

That is until very recently.  In April, and out of left field, we were introduced to Juwon’s Italo-disco side project Mobroder.  The album, meant to be listened as one continuous track, popped up on the Spank Rock website with no explanation other than an over the top Mobroder bio.  That album can still be still be downloaded for free here in exchange for an email address.

Now we finally have word of a full fledged Spank Rock album.  It will be out September 27 and it will be called….wait for it….Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar.  It will feature guest appearances from Santigold, Pharrell, and XXXchange.  Notice that XXXchange is just guesting.  Most of the production is being done by German techno/dance producer Boys Noize. I would normally be pumped about this matchup but I such a fan of XXXchange it bums me out that he’s not going to be on the whole album.

Listen to the first few seconds of the track “Energy,” presumably the first single, and you can tell Juwan is attempting to go in a different direction.  The first minute and a half of the track is more akin to his Mabroder alias until it hits the 1:48 mark.  Those of you who are Spank Rock fans don’t give up on this one too early.  This album is going to be different, that is obvious, but after almost five years how could it not be?

Spank Rock – Energy

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