The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

What started out as a solo project The Antlers has turned into a full fledged band.  Vocalist/guitarist Peter Silberman started the project in the early 2000’s and released two albums before recruiting drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci (keyboards, trumpet, banjo).  The trio released the excellent, albeit heady, Hospice in 2009 to much critical acclaim.  This album’s story of abuse and heartbreak, told through the eyes of a hospice nurse and a dying patient, made for pretty rough listening at times and the kind of desolate ambiance the band created didn’t make it any easier.

After such an emotionally draining album you might think they would want to go a different direction on their newest (Burst Apart which was released in May).  Well the album’s opener “I Don’t Want Love” might make you think otherwise but the song title doesn’t always tell the whole story.  I wouldn’t call Burst Apart a happy record but its a decidedly more optimistic one.  While Hospice was filled with lots of empty space and hushed tones Burst Apart seems more musically dense and the group seems to have found a new appreciation for Radiohead style electronics.

Here are a couple tracks from the album.  My personal favorite “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” and the first single “Parentheses.”

The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

The Antlers – Parentheses


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