All of Brent Hinds’ Bands

Aside from a stretch in the mid 80’s metal has mostly been a niche genre.  It seems normal for lovers of Lady Gaga to be able to be fans of Jack Johnson or Lil Wayne, and vice versa, but its rare to find the person who loves these artists and also listens to Slayer or Lamb of God.  Maybe Metallica.  Maybe.

Just so no one gets confused I am talking about “Metal” not “Hard Rock.”  Papa Roach is not metal.  Seether is not metal.  These bands write loud pop songs.  Metal bands have clean, razor sharp guitar solos and blast beats that rattle your brain.  Children of Bodom is metal, Opeth is metal, Dillinger Escape Plan is metal.  There, now you know.

Another band that is very definitely metal is Atlanta’s Mastodon.  They boast two fantastic guitarists, Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher.  They are both incredibly talented musicians but Hinds is the one that most impresses me because he is able drastically shift genres depending on who he is playing with.

I have recently heard that he plays with not one, but two side bands who could not be more different from each other or his main group.  On June 7 he will be releasing a double LP featuring the newest release of both bands, the rockabilly leaning Fiend Without a Face and the beer soaked bar band West End Motel.  Here is a little sample of each.  For the record, Hinds is the one with tattoo on his hands and face.

Update:  Since posting this I have come to find out that Brent Hinds is now an official spokesman.  For what you ask?  A major car company?  Does he have a clothing line?  His own brand of guitar pick?  Hell no!  Brent Hinds is too awesome for all that.  He is pushing fat ass burritos.  Check out the pharmaceutical spoofing ad for Atlanta based Mexican restaurant Elmyr over here.


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