Morgan Henderson

Does anyone realize that Morgan Henderson, multi-instrumentalist for the folkiest of all the longhaired, Seattle based beardos, the Fleet Foxes, used to be a member of the Blood Brothers? If you do not know who these guys are (and you should) I have posted a video below of the band performing on Henry Rollins’ show shortly before they broke up.  I’ll let you watch it real quick.  Do you see what I am saying?  They are (were) off the wall, post-punkers and now one of their members is in the goddamn Fleet Foxes!  That is why music is so cool.  Artists that can switch genres that dramatically amaze me.

P.S.  You will see Henderson off to the left doing something to his guitar.  I’m not sure what.  If you can pick it out amongst all the other noise then congratulations.

Here he is performing with Fleet Foxes.  Same guy, way different band.


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