DJ Khaled – I’m On One ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross

I know I am going to catch hell for posting a DJ Khaled track but I’m going to have to.  This is a strange situation for me because I am not a fan of anyone involved here.  Drake gets credit for being able to rap and sing even though he can’t do either (every one of his tracks is autotuned to death),  Rick Ross is great at rhyming his name with boss but not much else,  Lil Wayne continues to be the most over hyped artists in hip hop today (just because he calls himself the “greatest rapper alive” doesn’t mean its true), and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I dislike DJ Khaled (for fun some time google “what does DJ Khaled do?” and see how many hits you get).  Honestly, if the song didn’t make The Playlist over at Pitchfork I wouldn’t have given it a second look.

Now all that is out of the way, and hopefully I still have a little of my indie street cred left, this song is great.  It just is.  Yes it is about drugs and sex.  “All I care about is money in the city that I’m from/Im’ma sip until I feel it/Im’ma smoke until its done,” as Drake’s hook goes.  Sure its not breaking any new ground but its the hip hop equivalent of a summer blockbuster.  This song is like Thor while someone like Shabazz Palaces is more akin to the artier Black Swan.  Its entertainment you don’t have to think to much about.  There is no satire or hidden meaning, just sit back and enjoy it.

While all three guests manage to put out stellar verses the highlight of the track is the production by T-Minus and Noah “40” Shebib.  Those herky-jerky synths, when listened to alone, don’t sound like they would work for any of these artists but somehow they work for all three.

So, here you go everyone, your first summer blockbuster.  Whether you like it or not.


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