Deer Tick

Here is a band that is constantly disappointing me.  Deer Tick should be one of my favorite groups. They play a brand of indie folk that I am usually really into (Blitzen Trapper, Cave Singers) and lead singer and guitarist John McCauley has a two pack-a-day, gravel pit drawl that is very grungy and comforting at the same time.

The problem is not talent or style its that they have not been able to put out a complete record.  Not in the sense that they are not finished albums but that they are not consistent albums.  I love bits and pieces of each.  “These Old Shoes,” from their debut, War Elephant is full jug band stomp and painful lyrics but the album as a whole just kind of fell flat.  “Easy” and “Twenty Miles” are off Born on Flag Day and the Black Dirt Sessions respectively and I love those songs but the albums they came from are just so-so.  When these guys figure out how to be great throughout an entire album them will be stars but until then, to me, they are the indie equivalent of a singles band.  Each album will have one or two great songs and the rest will be filler.

Deer Tick – Twenty Miles

(This isn’t the real video but I liked the animation.)


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