Cat’s Eyes

In my humble opinion one today’s most underrated bands is the English five piece The Horrors.  They have been able to move past the atrocious goth-emo hybrid schtick of their debut Strange House house to release the vastly underappreciated, My Bloody Valentine inspired Primary Colours in 2009.  Colours‘ mix of shoegaze haze and flowing synth textures is still able to be kind of  and forbidding without having to resort the slasher movie imagery (although “She is the New Thing,” from Strange House, kind of rocked my face off).

Now that the band is taking a break from touring, lead singer Farris Badwan has teamed up with Italian-Canadian opera singer Rachel Zeffira to form Cat’s Eyes.  If you put a freaky goth guy and an opera singer together and told them to make some music you might expect to get back something a little over the top.  The truth is neither Badwan or Zeffira have let their day jobs affect the general sound of Cat’s Eyes.  This music, especially “Faces in the Crowd,” is much closer to 60’s girl group pop music than anything either of these two has recorded before.  Zeffira makes no attempt to show off her vocal range, rather taking a more understated and reserved approach.  Her smoky vocals fit perfectly with the music and as a complement to Badwan’s.  Here is the track “Cat’s Eyes” from their debut LP and the video for my favorite song on the album “Faces in the Crowd.”

Cat’s Eyes – Cat’s Eyes


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