New Section: Movies!

To help us in our quest to create a beacon for all pop culture nerds to flock to, we have decided to add a movie section.  This is not necessarily going to be about reviewing movies (but we might) or discussing minute details like who did the lighting on the new Von Trier picture (unless the lighting is really, really good).  No, its going to be more about trends, both good and bad, in film and trying to help Hollywood fix its problems.  Whether or not they choose to listen is up to them.

To help me in this endeavor I have hired a true cinephile.  This person has been spent the last twenty years of his life immersing himself in the works of all the great directors (Fellini, Coppola, Bay) and he clue you in to the good and the bad, with all points of view filtered through his unique lens.  Read on and enjoy!


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