Tennis – Marathon

Husband and wife duo Tennis released their debut album, Cape Dory, last January and “Marathon” is one of the albums highlights.  Its a great song for the beginning of summer.  Its full of gently plinked organ notes and shimmering guitar that back Alaina Moore’s 60’s girl group vocal style.  The album’s summery feel and nautical themes are a result of where the bulk of the  album was written (on a year long sailing tour of the eastern sea board) rather where they hail from (Denver, Colorado).  A retro-pop gem released in the middle of winter, this album needs to be brought back out of hibernation for all of your warm summer nights ahead.


2 thoughts on “Tennis – Marathon

  1. I remember my roommate went to see them a few months ago at Slowdown. Now I’m sad I hadn’t given them a listen earlier. I’m glad you posted this! The song does have a summery sound.

    • I was going to try to get someone to go with me when they were here. It was like 8 bucks in the front room but I ended up doing something else instead. I am kicking myself.

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