Joker – The Vision

If you are not a fan of electronic music then you probably don’t know much about the dubstep sub-genre.  To keep it brief, dubstep is a type of bass heavy electronica that tends to use very sparse, repetitive instrumentation and sometimes looped, distorted vocal samples.  This is not dance music.  This is headphones music.  Its a type of music that needs to be mentally chewed and digested.  I like it because it tends to have a kind of darkness about it.  Like it was made in some dingy basement with water dripping from the ceiling and rats scuffling around the corners.

One of the young stars of dubstep is Bristol based artist Joker (not Tha Joker for all those rap aficionados out there).  He has built himself quite a following considering how little work he has put out.  In the age of digital downloads the album is dying and many artists, especially ones without label backing, are just putting songs onto the internet as they finish them instead of compiling them for a full LP.  Joker has been putting out music since 2007ish and still has yet to release a standard album, though he has contributed to two Hyperdub compilations.  His latest single will be released through indie 4AD on May 16 and it features vocals from British singer Jessie Ware.  That track, “Vision,” is posted below along with my two favorite Joker tracks thus far, “Digidesign” and the Ginz callabo “Purple City.”

Joker – Digidesign

Joker & Ginz – Purple City

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