Free Energy/Bass Drum of Death

Today most young indie bands are taking their musical cues from late 80’s and early 90’s alternative groups.  Bands like Deerhunter play a more modern version of shoegaze that was perfected by My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary ChainCold Cave frontman Wesley Eisold is trying to be our generation’s Robert Smith with his gothy persona and moody synth pop.  These are the bands that seem to be getting all the buzz.

That’s all good stuff but what about the rock purists out there?  What do all the Zeppelin lovers do for new music?  Don’t worry, there are still young bands who want to be guitar heroes.  Bands like Free Energy and Bass Drum of Death are playing that ham fisted, power chord loving style that made rock from the 70’s classic rock.

Five piece Free Energy released their glammed out debut of Thin Lizzy style power rock, Stuck On Nothing, last year.  They are all power chords and classic rock swagger and are a much welcome contrast to all these other new bands who are playing gloomy power pop.  Bass Drum of Death are a two piece from Oxford, Mississippi who dropped their debut GB City in April.  John’s (I only know the first names)  guitar is more distorted and chunky and reminds of Raw Power era Stooges.  No frills, gut punch garage rock.  When I say, “I want a band that rocks!” this is what I am talking about.

Free Energy – Free Energy

Bass Drum of Death – Get Found


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