Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack

Well here is something I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see again.  Its a new release from the Beastie Boys.  The future of the group was in serious limbo when it was announced that Adam “MCA” Yauch had cancer in salivary gland.  But now supposedly back to full strength they have released Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2.  Part 1 was supposed to be released first, obviously, but due to Yauch’s health problems they decided to skip it instead of moving back the release dates.

The Beasties are known for mixing lots of different samples and live instruments (they used to be a three piece rock band) so their tracks have a tendency to get pretty busy.  “Nonstop Disco Powerpack” is very simple as far as a Beastie Boys track goes.  Its propelled by a simple live drum beat and the bass pops in every few bars just for some extra low end.

Other than that its pretty much the three of them riffing off each other.  Even as they have pushed on through middle age all three are still incredibly skilled lyricists who have the easy chemistry of a group that has been together for so long.  There seems to be less urgency in their voices and there is no yelling or screaming.  Their voices sound relaxed and their tongues are nimble enough to move at a speed we are not used to hearing.  Its not technically a comeback album, its only been a little over two years since their last release, but it has that feel to it.  They are telling us that the group is as strong as ever.

Beastie Boys – Nonstop Disco Powerpack


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