B-52’s – Rock Lobster

Off the top of your head you might not know who the B-52s are  but I know you have heard “Love Shack” and you have probably heard “Roam,” the two hits from their breakout 1989 album Cosmic Thing.  But what you might not know is that before they tripped and fell into the 80’s “one hit wonder” category they already released five albums under since they formed in Athens, Georgia in 1976.  Then they were known as more of a kooky party band playing a mix of 60’s surf rock and an early form of new wave (the style that would eventually come to define 80’s pop music).  Here is a clip from the early days, before singers Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson began to don monster those  monster bouffants and lead singer Fred Schneider rocked one of the great rock porn staches.  I love a band who puts some effort into their live show.  The energy is infectious.

P.S.  Yes that is the song from that one episode of Family Guy.


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